15 Must Have Baby Things (Plus One)

This is the only way our baby girl will sleep for any extended period of time! 
What makes it a must: 
Plugs in to the wall outlet, so less batteries are used. 
Multiple song options.
Swings two directions with a swivel base.
Base detaches to be used as a sleeper seat.

Bouncing on this yoga ball helps babies drift off to sleep. When rocking doesn't work, bouncing always does the trick. 
What makes it a must:
It's always good to have a Plan B. 

White noise mimics the sound that your baby hears while in the womb. 
What makes it a must: 
A great way to help sooth a crying baby.
Keeps your baby sleeping soundly, longer.

These are so cute and comfy! 
What makes it a must:
Affordable. Carter's is a brand that is carried by Wal-Mart.
Zipper access when changing diapers in the middle of the night reduces screaming at the changing table. 

A tried and true brand, recommended by experienced mothers.
What makes it a must:
Much better than the "butt paste" brand.
Every baby gets diaper rash at some point. Period. 

Such a great alternative for parents who what to cloth diaper without the mess.
What makes it a must:
Two words: 
Flushable Inserts.

Most babies are comforted by being swaddled because it mimics the way they felt in the womb.
What makes it a must:
Velcro makes it quick and easy. 
No wrapping around, and around, and around. 

In case you have a summer baby, these are much more light weight than the Velcro kind.
What makes it a must: 
Light, airy, great all around blanket option. 

Every baby gets gas, especially those who have allergies, or just straight up colic.
What makes it a must:
You gotta try something! These drops have saved us many nights of restless sleep.

These pacifiers are the only kind that our little one will take. 
What makes it a must:
Low profile for little noses. 
The nipple mimics the real deal. 

I don't know if I could nurse without one of these. 
What makes it a must:
During marathon feedings, your arms get tired of holding up even the smallest of babies. 
If you accidentally fall asleep while nursing in the middle of the night, you have a little bit of piece of mind. (Trust me. This really happens.)

Sore Nipples. Enough said.
What makes it a must:
Do you think sore nipples sounds like fun?

The sweet lactation consultant at the hospital gave me these for when I started the marathon feeding. I'm not making "marathon feeding" up. They call it that for a reason. Maybe it's because babies want to nurse about EVERY HOUR at some point around day 3 or 4 after they are born. Sounds like a marathon to me.
What makes it a must:
Do I need to repeat the word MARATHON? 
I would have died with out a few sets of these. 

This carrier is great for mommies who what to do some baby wearing while their little ones are still newborns.
What makes it a must:
You can do anything while wearing your baby in a Moby Wrap. 
High needs babies, otherwise known as the "snugglers", love these things.

Most comfortable nursing braon the face of the Earth.
What makes it a must:
Easy on sore nipples. 
Comfortable to sleep in. 
Substantial enough to wear out of the house.

Plus One More...

A little on the expensive side, but well worth your money.
What makes it a must:
Easy in and out car seat with base that stays installed in your car.
Car seat sits in the stroller while they are little so you can still do some easy shopping, even with a newborn. 
The stroller is amazing complete with two cup holders and a place for your sunglasses and phone. 
You can literally fold the stroller out, or fold it to put it away, with ONE HAND!

Mommies out there, what would you add to the list? 

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