How To Make a Halloween Card with PicMonkey

Today I'd like to share with you a fun way to take any photo and vamp it into a creepy Happy Halloween card.

If you haven't heard of it already, you really should check out PicMonkey. It is a free photo editing website similar to everybody's old favorite, Picnik. During October, PicMonkey has added Halloween edits. 

When you go to PicMonkey's website, it looks like this. They are featuring some of their Halloween edits on their homepage. Aren't they creepy?

Here's where you get started making your card.
Click on the button that says, "Edit a photo". You will then be able to upload whatever photo you would like to use. I happen to have this photo from last Halloween. This old house was near where we used to live before we moved. Creepy enough as it is don't you think? 

Here is the screen you will see after your photo has uploaded. The tool bar is located on the left side of the screen. The "undo" and "redo" arrow buttons are at the top,  as well as the "save" button.

Under the "Effects" tab on the left you can choose several different ways to change the overall look of your photo. I am a fan of the Cross Process effect. 

First, I added Cross Process with a tint of green as you can see in the tool bar on the left side of the screen. By clicking "Apply" you can add the effect you like. 

I then added Cross Process with a tint of red on top of that. Getting creepier and creepier...

At the very bottom of the tool bar, you see a jack-o-lantern that says, "NEW". This is where all of the Halloween photo edits are stored. I chose to use the Vampire collection, but all of the others offer great effects, textures, and texts. There is also really great kid friendly theme that isn't shown in this screen shot called Trick or Treat. 

Under the Vampire theme, there textures unique to the theme. I chose to overlay two textures. Here is the first one. 

 And the second.You can see where I chose these textures in the toolbar on the left. Remember to click "Apply" to add every layer. 

What haunted house is complete without bats? Bats of all shapes and sizes are found under the Overlays section. I chose to add a few flapping in the sky. You can re-size, flip, or rotate the bats the same way that you would clip art in Microsoft Word. 

Now to add the text. Still under the Vampire collection, under the Text section there are some "Sinister Scrawls" to choose from. I chose the "Jellyka Delicious Cake" text and clicked the "Add Text" button. This opened a blank text box in the middle of my photo. The box says "Type your text here". All you have to do is click in the box and start typing. You can also change the color of the text you add. I played around with lime green and neon purple, but decided a golden orange color looked best with the color of the house. 

Obviously I didn't want it to say "Happy Halloween" right smack dab in the middle of my photo, so I simply was able to click and drag the text to the bottom left corner. Much better placement. 

When I was happy with all of the haunting edits I had made, I clicked the "Save" button at the top. 

There you have it! A hauntingly spooktacular Halloween card. 

Now, there are several more perfectly ghoulish Halloween edits available on PicMonkey. Play around with your own photo until you come up with something that is equally as frightening as this greeting! 

Happy Halloween!   

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