Haunted Halloween Wreath

October, November, and December are my favorite months of the year. 
There are so many crafty things to do during these holiday months. 

One of the crafty things that I love to make are wreaths

I especially love wreaths that are easy to make and are inexpensive. With a new baby and a small tiny budget, both of these things are a must. 

This wreath took me about 15 minutes to make, and costed me around $9 to put together! 

Let me share with you how to make this Haunted Halloween Wreath!

- 1 straw wreath form (Hobby Lobby, about $4)
- 3 black garlands with purple ghosts (Dollar Tree, $3)
- 1 black felt haunted house (Dollar Tree, $1)
- 1 black and silver spider (Dollar Tree, $1)
- hot glue gun

This wreath is so easy, you can't mess it up! 

First, secure the end of one of the garlands to the straw wreath form with hot glue. 

Wrap the garland around the wreath form just like you would if you were making a yarn wrapped wreath

When you come to the end of the garland, secure it to the wreath with hot glue. Then start the next garland the same way. Make sure that you are spacing out the garland enough that it will cover the whole wreath. It only took 3 garlands for me to cover this wreath, but I was pretty liberal with my spacing. 

When I got finished wrapping my wreath, I had a small gap. I decided that this would be the place I would glue the spider, so I added some black ribbon there to cover the straw that you could see. 

Next, I laid the haunted house on top of the wreath and adjusted it until I liked its position. I wanted the spider to be down low on the wreath, so I kept that in mind knowing that the spider was going to be where the black ribbon was. Using hot glue, I secured the haunted house. 

I kind of like it just without the spider, but since I already had him... 

I hot glued him on! 

Quick. Easy. Simple. 
Just what a crafty new mommy needs a project to be!

Quick tip: The straw wreath form from Hobby Lobby comes covered in plastic wrap. DO NOT take the plastic wrap off if you would not like straw all over the place. Just a heads-up. Not like I would know from experience or anything. :)

Thanks for reading.

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  1. What a cute idea! Thanks for posting and getting my creativity going.

  2. Thanks, Amanda. This wreath is super simple! You should whip yourself up one! :)