Let's Catch Up: We Went Camping & Discovered Mountain View Bluegrass Nights

During the first weekend of Spring Break, Kyle and I and a few of our new closest friends went camping in Heber Springs. The weather was perfect, cool in the mornings and warm in the evenings, a gentle breeze constantly passing through. We went fishing, did some reading, spent lots of time around our campfire, and most of all enjoyed each other's company. The company was the best part. We have really been blessed with such sweet relationships with our new friends that were made after our move. They have truly been a blessing in our life here.

On Saturday night, we took a drive to the nearby, well-kept secret small town of Mountain View. Every weekend in the spring and summer they have bluegrass jam sessions all around the town square. People just bring their chairs and sit around and chat while a group of country men, born and raised, pick and grin on their banjos and guitars. Some play the fiddle. 

We decided that this would not be our last trip to Mountain View- this little town has so much charm. Being a small town southern girl myself, I really felt at home. There's something about how the night sky looks in a small town, with the stars blazing in the black sky. Without the glow of city lights, you can get lost in the diamonds that dot the sky. The nighttime air in a small town is crisp and cool, and when it touches your skin you feel alive. You know that you are in a small town when the power lines run above the ground on stilted poles, everyone that you meet smiles at you, and military men get silent salutes from complete strangers.

Now after our trip, we are still trying to figure out a place to put all of our camping gear in our tiny apartment. We decided that we are going to want to use it too much in the spring and summer months for it to be stored at my parent's house. That is one my goals for today, to try to find a place to put all of this stuff: the tent, our red folding chairs, the dutch oven, and multiple other things. Wish me luck.

Thanks for catching up with me this week! Next week I have one more surprise to share with you!

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