Let's Catch Up: Our House Sold

After being on the market for almost 4 months, I was shocked when our real estate agent called to tell us that not only did she have an offer on our house to deliver to us, but that she had TWO. Two offers on the table. The best one for our picking. I couldn't believe it.

It all happened so quickly that it is still somewhat all a blur. Within 24 hours we had accepted an offer for our full asking price, a mere $3,000 in closing costs paid, plus the costs of any repairs needing to be made to the house not to exceed $500. I seriously thought I was dreaming. It was the perfect scenario. A true blessing from our Heavenly Father. We couldn't have asked for more.

On March 15, this little beauty became home to another young happy couple, ready to build memories within its walls.

I thought when we sold the house that I was going to be an emotional train wreck. It was the first house we lived in together. We spent birthdays, anniversaries, two Christmastimes, and countless other special days here. I have to say, I didn't shed a tear. On the day that we signed the closing paperwork, I couldn't help being happy and smiling knowing that I can have faith in our Heavenly Father, faith in His timing, and faith enough to know that He will continually take care of us.

A few months ago we made the decision to start a new chapter in our life. Often times in life when things don't seem to go exactly as planned we immediately begin doubt our choices, question our plans, and even have thoughts of failure. At first with all of the problems we were having with our apartment situation, I was unsure if we had made the right decision to say the least. With the selling of our house, and the blessings that continue to come each day, I am now sure that we are on the right path.

I'm not sure how life could get much more sweeter.

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