Grace & Gratitude: Happy New Year!

Kissed Kyle in the middle of Times Square in New York City while spending a week long stay there.

Kyle was accepted into the Honors College at the University of Central Arkansas and became the recipient of a scholarship which covers all of his tuition, fees, books, a meal plan, and student housing. 

A new job for Kyle meant that I was able to take a break from teaching to focus on being a wife and a future mother. 

Many weekends spent at my parents house in the country where the sky is darker and the stars seem brighter. 

I started this blog as a summer project. 

Learned how to cook delicious meals safe to eat for a husband who is allergic to soy, dairy, bananas, several types of fruit, and numerous other things. 

Honed in on skills I didn't know I had when I took our monthly budget and cut it in half.

Cut our grocery budget down to $50.00 a week, and that's including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a little bit of food storage. 

Enjoyed the company and rich friendship of wonderful extraordinary people. 

Celebrated 2 years of blissful marriage with my sweetheart at Big Cedar Lodge. 

Enjoyed the company of Kyle's parents when they came to visit in the Fall. 

Attended and hosted a few special Craft Night events with the girls. 

Attended the Temple with Kyle at least half a dozen times. 

Had many absolutely beautiful, perfectly clear answers to prayer from my Heavenly Father. 

Ate Indian food for the first time. 

Spent a summer in Arkansas at home instead of moving across the country so Kyle could sell home security. 

Completed a maternity leave for a Special Education teacher and learned more from the kids than they learned from me. 

Made many new friends. 

Had a full heart. 

Was blessed beyond words. 

I wonder what 2012 has in store for me. 

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  1. I love reading your grace and gratitude. It makes me feel like we are sharing some thing special. We do have so much to be thankful for.