We Moved

I've been a little absent around here. I apologize. I've got a good reason. 

Tonight, I've got big news. 

We moved. 

I know for most people moving isn't a big deal. It's not a major setback, not a fork in the road, not a hitch in their plans, not a kink in their cord. But it is a big deal for me. Moving means your favorite belongings being displaced for a time, not knowing where things are for a while, having to clean stuff out, getting rid of things you really love but could honestly do without, and sacrificing time and energy to make it happen. 

And this is no ordinary move for us. While we are not packing a U-Haul and driving thousands of miles across the country, the feelings are similar I think. We are moving out of a brand-new, 3-year old, 1,300 square foot house, into a worn, 20 year old (at least), 700 square foot apartment. This means an organization over haul, hard decisions about parting with things, and to be honest, considerable sacrifice. 

But why would we be so willing to give up dark, beautifully polished granite, counter tops, tall spacious ceilings complete with crown moldings, big windows with gorgeous window crowns, poured white marble vanities, large textured ceramic tile floors, and deep plush carpet? Especially a tiny apartment with peel and stick tile floor, walls decorated with toddler marker scribbles, wood grain Formica counter tops, a stove that is straight out of the 70's, dingy white walls, and no washer and dryer? 

Hold your breath. 

The apartment is free. 

No, I'm not joking. No, we're not being scammed. No, it's not government housing or something extreme like that. We are moving to a family housing apartment complex that is provided by the University of Central Arkansas, the university where Kyle is completing an undergraduate degree in Economics. Kyle is a student in the Honors College which entitles him to a full scholarship including tuition, fees, a book stipend, a cafeteria meal plan, and room and board. 
What a rich blessing!

When considering moving into family housing, Kyle and I did the math. If we stayed in our house for the 2 1/2  to 3 years it is going to take Kyle to complete his degree, we would be spending $30,000 to $36,000 just to live in our house! Now, we will be required to pay just a little over $500 a month during the summer months of June and July to live in family housing. That means that in one year in family housing we would spend around $1,000 for our apartment. One thousand dollars is what we spend now per month for our mortgage payment! 

To us the answer was simple: We have got to move. 

Once we sell the house, we won't have any debt. We drive two completely paid for vehicles. We don't have any credit card debt what so ever. The only monthly expenses we will have will be our monthly utility bill which includes internet service, car insurance, gas, cell phone expenses, insurance, and groceries. 
How wonderful is that?

None of this happened over night. I will be sharing the journey that has taken us to our newest destination in the upcoming weeks. 

I do want to let you know that God is so good, all the time. 

For now, I've got to go unpack some more boxes. 


  1. I know how busy you have been and I have anxiously been awaiting this post! You and Kyle are tough as nails and an inspiration to me. What a sacrifice for great blessings!! You're always welcome to take a trip over to our house and help with the home-beautifying process if you ever have the itch ;o)

  2. Adria, you are awesome yourself!

    P.S.I can't wait to meet the little guy when he makes his appearance. :)