Race for the Cure

This was my 5th year to walk in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure with Mom. Every October we put on our pink and head to the Arkansas River Bridge in downtown Little Rock.
We always have a blast!

Martha came again this year. She is becoming a regular with us in this event. 
I think that this was her 5th year, too. 

My friend Brianne went with us this year for the first time. 
She put it best when she said, "This is like one big party!" She couldn't be more right. 

With over 44,000 participants, how could it not be a party! Here are some of the highlights. 

During the first leg of the race, we crossed the Arkansas River into North Little Rock. 
As we crossed the Arkansas River back into Little Rock we saw these canoes and kayaks. 
Every year there are more and more of them in the water, waiting for us to cross the bridge. 

Every year we look for this guy. What a great supporter of his wife! He is always there cheering her on, but it feels like he's there for all of us. When we had walked almost halfway to the finish line and had not seen her sign, we started to get worried that maybe Peg had lost her fight. When we found her husband, we told him how worried we were that we weren't going to see him this year. "Lord willin', I plan on being here next year, too," he said. 

And then there are the firemen. Whew... did someone turn the heat on? 

It has become a tradition for Mom and Martha to get their pictures taken with these guys. They are local weathermen on the news here in Little Rock. These pictures just make me laugh. 

Check out this guy. He is always one of our highlights at the race. 

This year he was wearing a tutu covered with pink boas, and his pink boa beehive is made out of a helmet contraption of some sort. 

Last year he was wearing this hat made from an upside down laundry basket with long balloons poked trough it. 

The year before that, he wore a suit make out of pink cheerleader pom poms. You never know what this guy is going to do, but it is always hilarious. I wonder what his costume will be next year?!

After walking 3 miles, we finally crossed the finish line. 

What a fun day with great girls! I can't wait until next year! 

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