That's right.

No TV. 

What!?! Are we crazy?!!?!

But I really don't think so. 

We barely watched it anyway. The last time we had it on was to experience the 3rd Chronicles of Narnia on our couch in our pajamas. 
And that was over a month ago. 

Before that? The 2nd Chronicles of Narnia. 
And you guessed it! Before that? Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 

We have not watched "real" TV in our home since June or July. 
Shocking, isn't it. 

The reason? We just don't have time, and TV is so trashy these days. 

Now I have an announcement.... 

My parents are the proud new owners of a 46 inch Sony Bravia, flat screen HDTV! 

My mom says, "I can't believe how clear the picture is, Whitney! Can you believe that I could actually see the color of the girl's eye-shadow on Amazing Race last night?" 

Love her.  

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