Laundry Day

Today is Laundry Day. 

Welcome to my new laundry room. 

Let's play a game I like to call "Good News, Bad News".
Here we go. 

Good News: I can do multiple loads of laundry at a time. 
Bad News: I can only do as many load of laundry as there are available washers and dryers. 

Good News: It smells clean and fresh here. 
Bad News: The floors and tables are sticky. 

Good News: Use of the washers and dryers is free. 
Bad News: Driving to get to them is a bummer. 

Good News: I have wireless internet while I'm here. 
Bad News: It's on a non-secure network. 

Good News: There are ceiling fans to help keep things cool.
Bad News: Ceiling fans + no heat in the building = I am cold.

Okay, okay. It's really not that bad. It is chilly, and the place is dirty, but the washers and dryers are clean. And that is where my clothes go. And I don't have to pay to do my laundry like was my fear when we moved into Family Housing. 

I'm choosing to stay positive. I'm choosing to see the blessings. 

One last "Good News, Bad News". This time with the "Bad News" first. 

Bad News: I have to sit here and wait for my laundry to finish. 
Good News: I have time to prepare my Thanksgiving post for tomorrow! Just in time for the last day of November! 

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  1. I know it feels like a BIG BIG sacrifice now and it is. But it will be worth it. Just think of all the stress you have eliminated by reducing your cost of living. You will live in a beautiful home again and for now you will make is apartment warm, cozy, cute, comfortable and full of love.