Happy Halloween

Yesterday was Halloween, the spookiest scariest day of the year. 

To celebrate, Kyle and I took some pictures of these extra creepy houses in our town a few weeks ago. 

This house always has cut grass which I think adds to the creepiness vibes it gives as it stares at you when you drive by. I would love to peek in one of the old broken windows just to see what's inside. 

Hidden by tress and underbrush during the summer, many people most likely drive by this old house not even realizing it is there. Some friends told us about it a while back,
and we didn't believe them. 

Oh, let me tell you...
It's there. 

Now that the leaves are falling off the tress and the underbrush is fading away, this beauty is slowly starting to reveal herself. 

The weeds were so tall in this small field beside the house, that if I had stepped off into them, 
you wouldn't have been able to see me. 

Who knows what's hiding in there... 

I stopped by there again this weekend with the friend who had told us about this house. 
You could clearly see that she was just as uneasy about the place as I was. 
Especially since now that even more of the weeds have died, 
you realize the front porch railing is only a few feet 
from where I stood to take these pictures. 

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  1. lol, that is kind of creepy that you even dared to take pictures of these houses, I LOVE the big house, it reminds me of "The Notebook" when he says he is going to fix up that old beater of a house for her, and actually does...lol!