DIY Week: Ribbon Paper Clip Bookmarks

Today's DIY project inspiration comes from something I pinned on Pinterest several months ago. 

Jumbo Paper Clip Bookmarks from Pinterest via alterdtoperfection.blogspot.com

How cute are these bookmarks! They are made out of jumbo giant paper clips. 

As a teacher you would think I would be a book worm. 

Shhh.... I'll tell you a secret. 

I finished The Energy Bus today. Really great book. 

It was the first book that I have read cover to cover since I was in high school. 
I didn't even read that much in college unless it was a text book, and a professor was forcing me. 

I wish I was an avid reader, and I think that these super cute bookmarks might have talked me into becoming one. These tiny ones are my creations. 

They were so easy to make and I love how they peek out of the top of the book. 

I just cut the ribbon and tied them on. Too easy. 
And now I have an excuse to read more!

Now that I've finished The Energy Bus I am looking for other good books to read. 
Anyone have any recommendations? 

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  1. The help is an amazing book , but the movie is even better