My New Schedule

So up until now, I have been taking the "fly by the seat of my pants" approach when it comes to planning posts and what actually is published here on my blog. But all of that changes TODAY with my new schedule!

I wanted to let you know exactly what to expect on Grassroot Elegance.

Here's the breakdown:

{Sunday} Grace & Gratitude
Here is an example of Grace & Gratitude if you are new to Grassroot Elegance.
{Monday} All Things Food
Recipes, menu plans, grocery deals for the week, dairy-free and soy-free cooking, etc.
{Tuesday} All Things Home
Home management, organization, home decor, planning parties, entertaining guests, etc.
{Wednesday} Weekly Series/Featured Craft or Tutorial
When we are not in a series, this day will be dedicated to a featured craft or tutorial of some kind.
{Thursday} All Things Family.
Family crafts, activity ideas, teaching tricks, and occasionally a craft project for just us girls.
{Friday} Remakes and Knockoffs
Remakes- I love finding new purposes for things that need new life. Knockoffs- Nothing beats finding something with a large price tag and then creating it for dollars and dollars less.
{Saturday} Pin-it Peeks.
Take a peek at what interesting things have made it to my Pinterest for the week.

Any suggestions? Things that you want to see here on the blog? One day soon, I am going to write a short post about the meaning behind Grassroot Elegancebecause I know that you are all wondering. :)

Things are still changing around here. I am wanting to add social media buttons to my blog, but can't seem to find any great resources about how to go about doing this when I search online. Do any of you know of a great link that could walk me through the process? You can leave it in the comments or send it to me at grassrootelegance@gmail.com. Thanks!

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