How to Make a Fall Leaf Garland

Remember the leaf garland that you saw here?

I am going to show you how to make it today!

It is really quick to put together. All you need is a sewing machine, some ribbon, and a package of artificial leaves.

When I have a small project that I want to whip together really quick, I get out this itty-bitty sewing machine. It doesn't make the best stitches, but it is super light weight and easy to work with. And with a project like this one, I wasn't worried about perfect stitches.

To get started, find some ribbon that you like that will match your leaves. I chose a light brown color. You will need a lot of length in your ribbon, so if you are using something you have on hand make sure that you have quite a bit left on the spool.

I left a little bit of length of empty ribbon on the end before I started sewing on the leaves. That way if I later wanted to tie the garland to hang it I would have the option to.

Before I started sewing, I stacked up the leaves in an a random color order. I didn't want to get finished making the garland only to find out that all of the yellow leaves were together. You can see my stack of leaves  on the left side of my sewing machine.

Taking the first leaf off of the pile, I layered it on top of the ribbon, put the presser foot down, and stitched it to the ribbon. It is that easy!

Keep adding leaves and sewing them to the ribbon, turning them this way and that.

And there you have it! A quick and easy way to add to your fall decorating. 

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  1. Very pretty, I love easy projects like this that look great. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment on the wedding earrings I made, I appreciate it! Have a great day!