Free Spatula

This my friends, is a free spatula. 

How does one acquire a free spatula as nice as this? 

I'm glad you asked. 

Every once in a while, about once a month or so, we get free $10 Kohl's cash in the mail. I do not know why we get it. We do not have a Kohl's credit card. We really don't spend a lot of money there. But I'm not complaining about their promotions. I mean, hey. I got a free spatula. 

Here's the breakdown on what made this spatula free

1 red silicone Food Network spatula- 
Regularly priced at $11.99
On Sale for $9.59
-$10 Kohl's cash 
= Whitney walking out with a pretty red silicone Food Network spatula without even opening her wallet. 

To see how I spent $32.78 at Kohl's for 4 men's dress shirts, 1 pair of men's slacks, and a women's blazer, click HERE

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