Back to my Roots

Is it the weekend again already? I can't believe how fast this week has gone by. Almost makes you think twice about what you choose to do everyday, as the days seem to get shorter and shorter the older you get.

Just a fleeting post today. Kyle is going to be gone all weekend at a Honors College Retreat, so I am taking advantage of the free weekend. I am getting ready to head off to my parent's house to work on some family history.

When my grandma passed away 3 years ago, there were a lot of her things that were left at her house that my dad didn't know what to do with- pictures, cards, old papers, and things like that. Those things were packed up and sent to my house. Well, today I am loading up 2 big Rubbermaid containers full of keepsakes in the back of my SUV to hopefully sort it all out, organize it, and make a plan for preserving it. I also want to ask my dad who people are in the pictures I have. Most of them I have never even met.

I also hope to get my dad to tell me some things about his childhood. I hope he will let me video tape him while he talks. He is a quiet man, with very few words. Reserved and personal. Only tells the facts. He also is a very sentimental man. Just looking at the old pictures from his childhood might be on the edge of too much for him all in one weekend. We shall see.

As soon as the laundry is done and I can get some bread made, I am packing up, loading the car, running a few errands, and making the hour and a half drive back to my roots.

And I've got to tell ya, that thought feels good.

Much Love,

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  1. i get frustrated too sometimes when I feel like no body is reading my posts so I installed the feedjit and followers stuff so I could get an idea of the whole "IF" people are actually reading this, it does make me realize that others are reading, which always makes it nice BUT when I get a comment now and again I feel so much better about blogging! people just don't comment enough, oh they are looking and reading BUT NOT COMMENTING...thanks for your ideas and by the way WE, Addy and I, LOVE the ballerina work book! Thanks again!