Anthropologie Bracelet Knock-Off

Last week I found this bracelet on Anthropologie. Let's just say it was out of my price range.

I really loved it though, and started trying to come up with ways to create a knock-off. 

This is what I came up with.

Not exactly the same look, but similar. I was happy with it. 

Time for a little tutorial. Here we go.

I went to Lowe's looking for a U-shaped bracket of some kind. The only thing that they had that was even close were L brackets. Here is what they look like. You can get them in the hardware section.

You are going to need some of this stuff. E-6000 is like super glue on steroids. It will bond anything.

I am sorry that I didn't get a picture of how to glue the two L brackets together. Just trust my judgement that you will need to overlap the brackets slightly, apply the glue (it doesn't take a lot), and clamp the two pieces together.

You could even make this bracelet custom fit the size of your arm based on how much you over lap the pieces when you glue them together. Overlapping a lot will give you a smaller bracelet, and overlapping a little will give you a bigger bracelet.

After the L brackets have been clamped together for about 10 minutes, you are ready to thread your ribbon. The L brackets have holes in them where you could screw them to the wall or to a shelf. I used these holes to thread some ribbon. I played around with threading the ribbon on this bracelet, trying out a few different variations. This is how I ended up threading the ribbon when it was all said and done.

Just tie the ribbon in a bow around your wrist and Voila!

Not too bad, ya think?


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  1. You could totally spray paint the brackets for a monotone look! I love you and your craftiness :)