Pixie or Rapunzel? Help Me Decide!

I have been thinking about growing out my pixie cut for quite a while now.

I am still not sure if I will go through with it (I'm still pretty much in love with being a pixie), but it is getting pretty long. Long enough that I have been trying to figure out what to do with it to make it look good. I am kinda tossing around the idea of coloring it blonde, too. I haven't been blonde since high school, and all of the super cute pixies I've been seeing lately are some various shade of platinum blonde.

I need some advice. Will you help me decide what to do? :)

First let me share with you... Whitney's Hair Diaries. (haha)

Here is a picture of my hair right after I got it pixie cut last summer:
(Yes. I am at Sonic, and in my car. And these pictures are from my iPhone. I know. Super, double awesome.)

I sported an even shorter pixie cut at Race for the Cure in October. Here is a picture with my mom:

I kept it short, but started dying it so dark that it was almost black. Here Kyle and I are at Sundance in Utah, trying out snowboarding during Christmastime:

I only ended up dying it that dark a few times. I thought that it was too harsh for my skin tone.

Here is what it looked like in the spring. I am amazed that you can't see more of my roots in this picture. At this point, I was growing the color off, and the results were less than beautiful.

And for the grand finale....
Here are some pictures of my hair that I took last week. Keep in mind that my hair has not been touched by scissors in over 2 months.

My bangs are finally long enough to do the side swept look.

My favorite way to wear it right now is tucked behind my ears.

Check out how long it is in the back! Before too long I am going to have to get it cut just so I don't accidentally grow a mullet. :)

This is my natural color. Should I go blonde?

Here are some of the hair pictures that are pinned on my Pintrest board, Hair Lust. These are the beauties that I am trying to mimic. (Well, maybe.)

                                                      photo credit
What do you think?
Grow it out?
Keep it short?
Go shorter?

I want your opinion! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Much love,


  1. Well, it's still summer, so I think going blonde would be fun on you (and I would never do it, but think it would be kinda fun to try, so you should do it since I can't ;o)
    As for growing it out of keeping it short, I'm in the same predicament. Except my hair is super short in back and long in front (it's different from Christmas, but about as bad). I'm leaning towards growing mine into a bob for awhile. You could stay short, but just change up the cut a little bit.
    I love all the pics of celeb hair you posted, so I think you could try any and look fab :o)

  2. You are so cute that you look good in any hair cut. Long or short. But I do like the bottom two pics the best.

  3. @ Adria, I thought about a bob for a while, too. I've had a bob before, and I really liked it. Haven't you had a bob before?

    My question is can I be blonde come fall and winter?

    @ Debbie, You are too sweet. I like having long hair, but it takes forever to blow dry, and my hair is so unbelievably straight and fine that will not hold a curl for more than 30 minutes. Wah, wah.

    I like the idea of growing out my hair because it would save us quite a bit of money a month in haircuts (pixies have to have their hair cut a lot, but I know that you know that).

    I like blonde. But I might be a crazy person for changing my hair color so often. I promise I'm not like this all of the time. :)

  4. I say go blonde!! If you don't like it you can always dye it back and it'll be super fun. DO IT!

  5. You know, I've got those coupons for hair color... I priced it yesterday while we were at target and it would have been $4.00 with the coupons. I might have to go get some tomorrow. Still debating.