New Kitchen Table Lighting

Today I am spending lots of time creating, re-purposing, and organizing. In fact, I am about to head out the door to make a quick run to Hobby Lobby.... and maybe Micheal's, and maybe Target, and.... who knows where this afternoon will take me!

I just finished an awesome wreath for above our entertainment center in the living room. I was getting ready to show you the results when I was distracted by Pinterest, yet again. (I guess you will have to wait until Monday to experience the big reveal of the wreath.) I usually check out that place at least once a day to find inspiration. Today I went looking for ideas to replace our current light fixture that hangs over our kitchen table.

Here it is, our pride and joy.

Now I know that there's nothing wrong with it, but I have been looking to freshen up the lighting in this little nook for several months. The current light fixture is low, often bumping people in the noggin when they stand up from the table. I could raise it via the chain, and have tried that, but then the light feels like it is bearing down on you like you are sitting in an interrogation chair. I just think that there has to be some compromise here.

Keeping in mind that the budget for this little project is basically zero, I am looking for a DIY alternative that uses materials that I already have, or that I can spend around $10 getting my hands on.

Here are some solutions from my Pinterest that I have found that I am fond of.

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What do you think? I am trying to white wash a lot of the color in our home. I want to go with a more soothing neutral theme that I can punch up with different accents and accessories. I am open for suggestions.

For now, I'm off to Hobby Lobby!

Much love,


  1. I am so jealous I couldn't go shopping with you! We need to have a DIY lighting night. I want to make the doily one.

  2. I agree Jacque. We DO need to have a DIY lighting night. I am leaning towards the beaded shade. :)