Grace and Gratitude: Decisions

Tonight I had planned on writing something on a totally different topic, but since my husband is sitting here on the couch with me, pleading with me for it to be bedtime (he has been at Navy drill all weekend), I have changed directions.

It is most likely a good thing that he is persuading me to keep it short tonight because the things that are on my heart today, and that were on my mind throughout this week may be to personal to share.

I know you understand.

I do want to share one thought though.

The decisions we make today,  however meaningless they seem, will affect our tomorrows. It may not be literally tomorrow that we are made aware of the affects of these decisions. It may be many years down the road, or even in the next life.

Our desires dictate our priorities, which dictates our changing, which dictates our becoming. And ultimately we want to become like Christ. (paraphrasing Dallin H. Oaks)

Just some food for thought late this Sunday night.

My Gratitude for this Week:

  • the blessings of the scriptures 
  • the power of the Holy Spirit as my constant companion and guide
  • the growth and development of my testimony
  • my patient, loving husband
  • the opportunity given to me as a daughter of God to continue to grow in Him

What are you grateful for this week?

Much love,

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