Frozen Bananas

Yesterday I went grocery shopping at Kroger. I always check the produce and other places in the store to see if there are any markdowns or manager's specials that are too good to pass up. I found several good deals on various things that I needed. I bought a bag of 8 limes for $1.00 (regularly priced 4 for $1.00), a bag of five golden delicious apples for $0.99, 5 pounds of Arkansas peaches for $0.88 per pound...

And a bag of bananas for $0.39 per pound.

My husband, Kyle is allergic to bananas (as well as a plethora of other things), but I bought them anyway, because I really like bananas and I wanted to try my hand in making smoothies for breakfast.

This is the bag of bananas that I brought home.

The bag says "Ripe Bananas", but it should say "Really Ripe Bananas". I realize that some of you would not even begin to look at these while in the store. And that's ok. I saw them and I automatically thought smoothies. You might think banana bread. I just knew that I could find a use for them and $0.39 per pound was an excellent way to spend the money in our grocery budget.

I decided to cut up the bananas and freeze them. This way they are super easy to measure out and plop into the blender with berries, yogurt, and fruit juice. That is exactly what I did this morning, and I had such a yummy breakfast.

I secretly ate some of the frozen bananas straight out to of the bag while I was loading the blender. They tasted great plain, too.

I know that I said that I was going to share with you today why we plan for a month's worth of meals. I am planning a larger post on this topic for tomorrow, but here is a little sneak peak.

Planning meals for an entire month keeps us on track with our monthly grocery budget. It also allows me to know how much meat and other staple items we will need for the whole month. I can purchase these items the first week I go shopping, and then only have to buy produce and other small items that we run out of during the month such as mayonnaise, ketchup, rice, etc.

Come back tomorrow for more details on the benefits of monthly meal planning.

Much love.

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