Deals & Steals: First Ever Tax Free Shopping Weekend in Arkansas

This week has been a little out of sorts; we have been having all sorts of car problems having to do with the record high temperatures that we have been having. I plan on sharing more of that story tomorrow with you in Grace and Gratitude.

That being said, I apologize for not posting yesterday. I was going in 20 different directions and before I knew it it was midnight. I didn't think many of you would be interested in reading a post in the middle of the night.

Now we are finally back on schedule.

This weekend is a very exciting weekend here in Arkansas. Arkansas is holding its very first "Tax Free Weekend" sale. I was able to snatch up some great deals on work clothes for Kyle, and a little something cute for me at Kohl's.

Here is what I bought:

Two shirts for Kyle that could be dressed up for work, or dressed down with jeans...
Original price for the blue shirt on the left was $49.50. I paid $9.90.
Original price for the plaid shirt on the right was $38.00. I paid $15.20. 

Two fitted shirts for Kyle to expand his work wardrobe out of the blue & gray trap it is in, as well as a pair of black slacks for work, or even church...
Original price for both shirts was $45.00. I paid $13.50 for the burgundy one, and $18.00 for the yellow one.
Original price for the slacks was $50.00. I paid $19.90.

And a cute little blazer for me. :)
Original price was $60.00. I paid $12.00.

And what was the grand total? Take a guess!

The cashier rang up the total $62.87. And here's the kicker. I handed him a $25 gift card, and $10 more dollars in Kohl's Cash. 

Let's do the math. $67.87 - $35.00 = $32.87!

I paid $32.87 for 4 shirts, 1 pair of slacks, and a blazer.

At the bottom of my receipt Kohl's says I saved  $224.63, but that is without the savings from the gift card or the Kohl's Cash. Those savings included, I actually saved $259.63.

And because I spent over $50 today, I got $10 more dollars in Kohl's cash to spend on my next shopping trip.

Not to bad, if you ask me. Definitely worth the hour I spent in the store this afternoon.

It doesn't take a big budget to have a big life. Living frugally can be more rewarding than you may think.

Much love,

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