Revamping an Old Project

Today I dug out a project that I started LAST summer.

It's one of those projects that you think is going to be done in a jiffy. You think to yourself, "Oh, I'll have this thing done in a couple of weeks... tops."

Then you quickly realize that it is going to take you a lot longer than you had hoped. MUCH longer.

And so is the case with this project from last summer. I started a yo yo quilt out of a black and gray reversible Target blanket that was already quilted with a grid of ovals. My plan was to basically make a ton of yo yo's and just tack them on the blanket - one in the middle of each of the ovals. Sounds easy enough, right? Somehow, life happened and it just didn't get done. I got burned out, put it away, and honestly forgot about it until recently when I was thinking that I would like to change things up a bit in our guest bedroom.

So I got it out, unfolded it, and this is what I saw......

It was not even close to being complete, and the colors were TERRIBLE. Don't you agree? I couldn't even picture it in the newly revamped guest bedroom. Eew. It was hideous. I have no idea where I was going with those colors.

Immediately I felt the urge to tear it apart and start over. Luckily for me the yo yo's you see in the pictures were just pinned in place. Whew. I wasn't going to have to rip a million seams. That would have taken a while. It might have been NEXT summer when I got finished with that project. HAHA!

What I was left with was the empty quilted blanket from Target, and 2 huge mounds of yo yo's.

I don't know if you have any experience making yo yo's. Let me just tell you, yo yo's are super easy to make but super time consuming. I did not like the colors of the yo yo's against the dark, black fabric of the quilted blanket. I was not looking forward to making all new yo yo's with new fabric, nor was I looking forward to re-purposing all of the ones that I had just pulled off the quilt. I thought all hope was lost.

I went to my fabric shelf and looked at my fabric choices. Nothing really was standing out to me. I really wanted to keep the yellow yo yo's, but didn't seem to have any other fabric, other than more yellow fabric, that even came close to looking like what I had hoped.

After many more minutes of digging in my fabric shelf, I found leftovers of this wonderful fabric that I had made curtains out of for our living room! I thought I would give it a shot.

I realized (remembered) that the Target blanket was gray on the reverse, so I turned it over, spread out the new color palette, sprinkled the old yo yo's around, and stepped back. And I have to say, that it is  growing on me. In fact, I like it a lot. I think that this old project is going to turn out quite nicely, and our guest room is going to be thanking me for it.

For now, I have gobs and gobs of yo yo circles to cut out and many quick stitches to make.

Tomorrow come back by and I will show you how I made an oval yo yo to fit the ovals that are already stitched into the Target blanket. Pretty nifty.

Much love.

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