Inspiration Notebook

Here goes nothing! My first blog post EVER! This feels so good. I am already in love.

For my first post I want to share with you something that I created to get rid of the stacks and stacks and stacks and STACKS of old magazines that I had lying around our house. I love magazines, especially decorating ones, but I always just end up looking through them and 'dog earring' anything and everything that I see that I like, only to put them in a pile to be left for days and eventually forgotten.

Well the amount of magazines I had was RIDICULOUS.
It looked like a hoarder might have once lived in my craft room.

So I decided to take action. I decided to make an Inspiration Notebook.

(I should warn you that the first few pictures you are about to see were taken with a very old, very free camera that I won as a door prize at a work Christmas party over two years ago. They are bad. Really bad. But there will be good news coming if you hang out for just a bit and finish reading this post.)

Here is what I started with:

1 white left over 3 ring binder
Cute scrapbook paper
Thousands of old, but still good magazines complete with 'dog ears'
1 200 count box of Office Depot sheet protectors

I sorted through the magazines and trashed some of them before I even got started. I then started looking through each magazine I had left and began ripping out all of the pages that had pictures or articles that I loved.

And now for the amazing pictures because..... MY HUSBAND BOUGHT ME A NEW CAMERA!
(Details of the new camera will come in another post.... I KNOW you are so excited for me!)

This is what I came up with.

Isn't it beautiful! Think of it as a hard copy of a Pintrest account. Sometimes hard copy is better, ya know? And I just couldn't part with all of the pretty things in the magazines. And now I don't have to.

I added khaki card stock to create dividers between the following groups:

Home Economics
Our Wish
Home DIY
Health & Fitness
Holiday & Entertaining

Here is a quick flip through my Inspiration Notebook:

Oh, how I love this little notebook. Now when I am finished reading (ok..... who am I kidding).....
Now when I am finished looking at all of the pretty pictures in a magazine, I can add my favorites to this notebook!

Much Love.


  1. Yay for organization!! I have been wanting to do something similar for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Good for you! Love the Blog. And the name is awesome!!! I do something similar with my magazine (as I am a design magazine hoarder as well)!

    When are you going to join me so we can start up our design company together : )

    Can't wait to see what you post! Happy Blogging!!!

  3. @ Adria, Maybe when you get settled into Austin you will find a little bit of time on your hands... I have been thinking about you a lot this summer and what a trooper you are. School will be worth it though, and the new move will be nice.

  4. @ Kara, Maybe just maybe I will take a few classes in the fall for design!